Oh Heartiste.

It seems Heartiste was kind enough to ignore one of my comments. It was from this blog post.
So let us start from the beginning. It involved a text exchange where the writer flamed out.

Him : Just promise you won’t dress like a 12-year old boy on the first date.
Deal ?

Her : What makes you think there will be a first date ?

So how would I have replied then ?

… because on the second date we’re going shopping at Toys “R” Us …

And later I added to this :

… but then again, she might reply :

What makes you think I need toys ?

… Whoa, we’re only going to the Ice Cream Parlour on the third date … if there is a third date …

Or she might say :

I’m happy with the toys I got

… then I’m just gonna have to kick your ass in Diablo … (poor one I know … I’m working on it)

If she says nothing, she’s not a sport … next her.

Another commenter opined thus :

And be sure to throw in something about, “Otherwise the little boy is heading straight to his bedroom, where Daddy is gonna give him a nice hard spanking.”

Work the “spanking” shit in there as soon as possible – front and center.

You have a point; you can be this upfront after a long text discussion with her.

And ONLY after a long discussion with her.

The problem is if she’s playing the naughty little girl from the beginning just to elicit such ‘spanky’ responses from you. Your responses will make her, and her friends, giggle. The ploy continues, you get more invested in her …

until she just disappears …

Then yer fucked. So what to do then ?

Be devious. Screw around with her head :

… I am going to pull you over my lap … and then … and only then … am I going to do something to you … that will make you roar like a lion … and then try to wriggle quietly away … like a porn-actor-speaker at a conference for militant geriatric nymphomaniacal feminist cucumber growers … uttering words that’s Shakespearean in breadth … Orwellian in depth … Hegelian in math … like an opium bath … why my deary darling … I am going to apply a bumper sticker on your ass …

You know she’s been thinking about spanking, and yet somehow you disappointed her … and teased her as well.

So she’ll either not respond to such a missive, which means the woman in question is just too stoopid to respond … do you really want such a woman by the way ? She just failed YOUR shit-test dammit.

… or she’ll try and call you out on it. What do you say then ?

You mean you’d rather be spanked ? My mother warned me against girls like you … which means my grandma is gonna like you a lot.

And here you can draw her in discussing family history and whatnot. You can share your views on life. No hate though when you talk about your views on life. Give off a stoic vibe. Women dig a man that is familiar with suffering, endures it, faces it, laughs at it, and cries when nobody sees him … sad but true.

When she’s sassy with you again, just mention that you’re gonna shop for bumper stickers the following day.

She’ll get the message.

And don’t forget to tease her.

Never forget to tease her … and remember not to overdo it.

That’s how one gets a good woman … and they are rare.

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OK peeps, I need you opinion on another matter again as you know I like to look at and receive feedback from outside sources on a situation. Not that I look to change my mind, but I am always open for growing, improvement or just people who always agree with every word I say! LOL

So as many of you know I frequent on occasion Game blog and PUS site just b/c I  find interest in how men generally think when it comes to dating and mating. Now, what I have found there is an 80/20 rule when viewing a game blog and reading the comments. That rule goes like this in my eyes:

80% of the commenters SHOULD be ignored

20% of them actually have something worthwhile to contribute

But simply based on having been on a PUA community forum for over a year I simply realize that when…

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Brace THYSELVES. GRAB a coffee, green tea, ciggy, joint, vibrator, or whatever the hell it is that helps you get through a novel. Neecy is back with yet another War & Peace post.


  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!* :cry:  :cry:  :cry:

Hello my sisteren!!

Well I wanted to talk about the current and recent wave of Black women empowerment sites and the INTERRACIAL dating aspect. This is kind of piggy backing off of my previous post on Black women/White men and interracial dating online and the challenges faced by many Black women who are discovering a not-so-colorblind world in the online dating scene.

I think there may be a bigger message the universe is trying to send to Black women. BE EASY! RELAX!

I think Black woman empowerment blogs and sites are amazing b/c they finally have given Black women a place to mingle amongst like..aheam PROGRESSIVE…

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WHITE MEN please respond truthfully and honestly on this issue.

I really would like to hear from the horse’s mouth on how you view this issue. If you can make it through this wordy post and actually give me some honest answers to my questions you will receive a prize – tons of good karma tokens of love and appreciation!!!

OK here goes……

So I occasionally will venture to interracial sites focused on Back women dating outside of their race. A topic of contention that comes up often is the online dating issue and Black women. What issue is that?

Well there seems to be (based on numerous live accounts from various Black women) that many Black women get very few profile views and clicks on many sites. I don’t do online dating personally, so I can’t really comment one way or another. There have also been studies done that…

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Yep, It’s a shitty post.

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That’s right. You read that correctly. I. pooped. on. a. dude.

A tragic sentence that played on a constant loop in my head for about 48 hours after the fact.

Here’s the thing. It was an accident – a total fucking accident. I didn’t mean to shit on a dude. A warm, muscle-y, big-cocked fellow whose bodily treats really brought the shat upon himself. I swear. The poop, it came out of my butt, and went on another living human being quite completely by accident. OHMYFUCKINGGOD. I can’t believe this happened to me!

But if he hadn’t bucked so hard inside of me; if he hadn’t had such a deliciously big cock that knocked my g-spot right off the map; if I hadn’t stayed on top so long; and if I hadn’t moved to the goddamned chair this never would have happened.

So here’s the deal — the God’s…

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